Honorariums Available for Consultations

NOTE: The deadline for applications for honorariums has passed. We have concluded the consultation process and submitted data to TORR.


Honorariums are available to offset costs for resident leaders, community-led groups, and community-based agencies interested in leading their own recovery consultations.

Honorariums will be prioritized for applicants who intend to engage 15–20 residents from Indigenous populations, equity-seeking groups, and/or vulnerable populations in this consultation process.

Eligible Expenses

Applicants can request honorariums for the following expenses:

1. Honorarium for Consultation Leaders ($250–$500)

Each Consultation Leader may request an honorarium for their work. This work will include outreach to community members, helping them fill out surveys, conducting one-on-one interviews and group discussions, note-taking, and submitting input to SPT. 

2. Honorarium for participants ($20 per participant; maximum 20 participants)

A Consultation Leader may request honorariums for participants and will be responsible for distributing them. If a Consultation Leader intends to engage 17 participants, for example, they could request $340 in participant honorariums.

3. Additional budget items

  • technology support (increased mobile data coverage, internet plans, etc.)
  • accessibility supports  (ASL interpretation, accessibility tools, note taking)

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